Friday, May 29, 2009

Anita’s Birthday Party

Last Sunday Anita had a party in her house. The house was full of flowers and colorful balloons. It was Anita’s birthday party.
Her classmates and her neighbors came to her house. They attended the party. They wore colorful clothes and brought parcels.
Anita wore a beautiful dress. She gave speech to them (the audiences). After that she blew candles and cut the birthday cake. Next all of them sang a birthday song together. They also clapped their hands. Then they ate some cakes and drank some soft drink. They celebrated Anita’s birthday.
All people looked very happy. One of Anita’s friends, Rudi read a poem for her. And the others listened to him. Then they gave applause to him.
The people shook hands with Anita. Then they went home. The party was really fun.

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  1. thanks, I've been trying to teach my little boy different writing styles. really helpful.